Smith Audio has patented a speaker enclosure that redirects destructive standing waves within a speaker enclosure, which provides true to source listening.

Plainview, NY, November 08, 2015 –(– Smith Audio announced today the issuance of a patent by the U.S. Patent Office that covers the development of a speaker enclosure that solves the issue of redirecting destructive standing waves, and provides true to source listening.

The patent for invention # 9,154,863 is for a speaker enclosure and the method of eliminating standing waves therein, and also covers the proprietary handle system that is mounted to the enclosure.

“This patent makes claims for producing a speaker enclosure that redirects destructive standing waves outside the enclosure,” said John Smith, Inventor and President of Smith Audio. He further added, “Eliminating low frequency sound waves generated inside speaker enclosures is important for improving sound quality, This adds confirmation that Smith Audio is committed to producing speakers that offer pure sound reproduction, while providing a full range experience at various distances and listening positions.”

The patent details Smith Audio’s development of the cabinet’s low frequency enclosure, and the method used for overcoming the destructive standing wave phenomena. This groundbreaking technique addresses resonances that lack coherency and direction within an enclosure that can be considered detrimental to sound quality and power efficiencies. Smith Audio accomplishes the suppression and redirection of standing waves within the enclosure and repurposes those waves as useable energy. Smith Audio’s revolutionary design features a tuned chamber for the low frequency driver within the cabinet that suppresses destructive standing waves without the use of dampening materials. What this means is, Smith Audio’s speakers deliver a full range experience while staying as true to the audio source as possible, with remarkable sensitivity to even the slightest EQ changes. The patent further covers Smith Audio’s proprietary detachable handle system, Smithgrip™ handles. The Smithgrip™ handles attach to the outside of the speaker enclosure, and allow for 360 degree rotation, they can lock in a fixed position for ease of transport and placement, or serve as articulating legs without diminishing acoustical integrity.

About Smith Audio:
Smith Audio, Inc is located in Long Island, NY and is a designer and manufacturer of professional audio speakers. The first Smith Pro Audio loudspeaker was designed in 1991, and in 2013, Smith Audio completed and perfected the Smith Pro Audio loudspeakers, subwoofers and the Bassbox 3dBB using patented technology. All of Smith Audio’s products are focused on product quality and excellence, and deliver pure sound reproduction. Smith Audio’s goal is to produce the best products using the finest components.