About Us

Smith Audio, Inc. is located in Long Island, NY and is a designer and manufacturer of professional audio speakers. Smith Audio is committed to sonic virtue by design. This means that what you ultimately hear from Smith Audio products is crisp, articulate, and well-defined sound. As an artisan product line that stands up to some of audio’s greatest challenges, Smith Audio Inc. was recently awarded a United States Patent that explains the methods by which audible excellence is achieved.

Our newest product line, complete with the patented Standing Wave Suppression Technology and the SmithGrip™ mechanical articulation system, Smith Audio has developed and redefined pro audio loudspeakers. With audio professionals and listeners in mind, Smith Audio products are manufactured from the finest materials available. Our product delivers auditory excellence at the most cost effective levels and will provide our clients with many years of consistent, accurate and reliable performance.

Throughout our history Smith Audio has been a 100% made in the USA product line. In 2013 we finalized our designs and presented them to the United States Patent Office, In 2015 we were granted a United States Patent that includes acoustic and mechanical aspects.

With nearly 20 years of field-tested R&D, the Smith Pro Audio line offers its commercial customers effective solutions, which result in profitable returns. An unprecedented 7-year manufacturer’s warranty is the insurance that we stand behind our products.

John Smith-Designer/Founder:
With over 30 years of Pro Audio experience, from both sides of the microphone, John Smith has been dedicated to the entertainment industries. His vast knowledge of production and venue design, coupled with product design expertise has placed him in the pro audio limelight. Throughout his career, John Smith has concentrated on delivering solutions for some of the most prominent commercial clientele. His clients include venue owners, musicians, DJs, producers, sound and lighting engineers. In conjunction with development and design of commercial audio related products and business plans, John Smith continues to achieve sonic virtue by design.

Corey Davidson-VP/Technical Director: He has expansive and diverse pro audio experience, including an intimate knowledge of the mechanics and science of sound, and this has bolstered his career in the pro audio service industry. He served as the technical editor of a world renowned sound engineering magazine, senior technician/technical coordinator and founder of a prominent service company based in New York, and has worked with some of the greatest minds in audio technologies, music and art. His contributions to Smith Audio’s designs and intuitive sonic perceptions have become integral components of Smith Audio’s success.

Smith Audio – Pure Sound Reproduction