The best recommendation we can get is from the venue owners and engineers who use Smith Audio systems in real-world situations. Here’s what they’re saying…

“Our relationship with Smith Audio has benefited us and K.J. Farrell’s beyond all expectations. The products, services and guidance that Smith Audio provided us with have truly helped transform our club into a premiere live music venue on Long Island.”

Kevin Sheehan / Craig Kelly

K. J. Farrell's, Bellmore, NY

“The installation of our Smith Audio products has added a new dimension to the sound at our venue. Excellent clarity throughout the entire frequency range. The subwoofers are very musical and pack a strong punch. Having a full range 3-way top is far superior than a 2-way design”

Mike Mazzeracco

FOH Engineer

“Intense’ is the reaction I get. The rig never fails me. Smith Audio delivers a very accurate and dynamic response night after night.”


FOH Engineer, Revolution Bar & Music Hall, Amityville, NY

“I have been in the business of audio productions for 25 plus years and it is great to see products from a company that just sounds natural right out of the box. Smith Audio has achieved this with their line of loud speakers.”

Phil Christie

Audio Designer